About the "Monogramming Teacher"

Hello! It's Sarah here. :) Just like my business name hints at, you might guess I was an elementary school teacher here in Hampton Roads. In August of 2017, I gave birth to Roman. So I am currently juggling being a stay-at-home mom and crafting.


I love doing anything that let's my creativity shine! I have always been a DIYer which perhaps was inspired by watching my own mom counter cross-stitch and sew. I still remember the 80's style outfits she made my sister and I. My first venture into the crafting business world was making soap and gel candles and selling at my church's craft show when I was just 8 years old. Fast forward... my love of crafts continued to grow.


 I specialize in two types of vinyl: permanent vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. The first type- permanent vinyl is what I use for car decals, tumblers, ornaments, anything that "sticks" to a surface. Some people might call this a "sticker", but do know that a sticker is a paper-based adhesive and will wear away while the Oracle vinyl I use is 5-7 years outdoor grade. The other type of vinyl is heat-transfer vinyl, this is not applied with an iron, but with a consistent-heat output heat press. Other crafters might offer heat-vinyl, PLEASE make sure it is heat pressed and not ironed on. An iron will not produce even temperature and pressure for a perfect bonding between the fabric and the vinyl which guarantees wash upon wash your shirt or whatever it might be is good as new. 

I started this business with the "push" of my husband Ben in July of 2014. I started off with just a few craft shows and it has turned into so much more! I get so excited when I drive around in Hampton Roads and see my own decals on the back or someone's vehicle or see a monogram shirt I made in Target. I am a registered business and charge tax as a result.  I have the best customers for sure and have every note ever received hung up in my craft room! I am excited to get back to work! <3